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Camino Frances day 24.

 DAY 24  | 25 km | From León to San Martin del Camino

During the years before public transport existed, going through the Camino meant that first one had to go to Santiago and then to return to the starting point, so, the route was double. What's more, pilgrims started this long route from the place where they lived.

One suchlike pilgrim was Saint Francis of Assisi who also completed the Camino. Nikos Kazatzakis has written somekind of a "free rendition" of his life, which is called "Poor Man of God".
He was a Saint who was preaching equality, peace, purity, contempt for wealth, and love for all creatures, whether alive or not.

The Catholic Church, yesterday was honoring his memory and we had the pleasure of meeting a Franciscan monk, brother Federico whose hospitality during our stay at the monastery will be unforgettable to us.

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