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Art Traces is a non-profit civil company focusing on the fields of art, culture, education, and environmental awareness. Our team consists of artists, academics, researchers as well as partners and volunteers of various professions. Art Traces was created after we came face to face with cancer. The more we fought against the disease the more our desire to see the future as a field of action and creativity grew stronger.

By using multimedia methods such as photography, videos, music, historical and anthropological research, and educational programs we aim to record and trace the traditions, culture, and everyday life of individuals and collectivities who keep their personal and collective heritage alive.

With our projects we aim to study the individual and collective memory and how it is represented privately and publicly, we also want to study the concepts of identity and self-definition and the way individuals differentiate in the global culture. Finally, we want to record and highlight the different cultural traits of individuals and the groups they belong to.  

Art Traces was founded by Simeon Chatzilidis and Anna Paraskevidou.

Symeon Chatzilidis

Simeon was born in 1981 in Alexandroupolis where he lives and works as a photographer. He studied photography at the IEK of Corfu, European Civilization at the Hellenic Open University, and attended the annual program of educational adequacy of ASPAITE. He also attended the annual program of Therapy through Art with emphasis on Visual Arts of the University of the Aegean and various forms of psychotherapy using photography at InSight Photo Community. He is currently studying at the Democritus University of Thrace in the postgraduate program “Local History-Interdisciplinary Approaches”.

His work has been presented among others in Photobiennale Logos- Photography Museum of Thessaloniki, Kakogiannis Foundation, and Luminous Eye Gallery. His work has also been featured in photography books such as Terra Thrakia published by ΠΑΜΘ and Inside by PHmuseum publications. He is the co-founder and president of Art Traces.



Anna was born in 1988 in the Pontian village of Yagdan in Armenia and moved to Greece with her family in 1992. She lives and works in Alexandroupolis as a photographer. She studied Agricultural Development at the Democritus University of Thrace and she is currently studying Digital Marketing at the International University of Greece.

Her engagement with photography started in 2011, she attended technical photo-editing and artistic photography seminars. She is an active member of the Thrace Center for Creative Photography and has taken part in photography exhibitions and activities. She is the co-founder of Art Traces.




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