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Vassilis Karafyllidis was born in Alexandroupolis in 1973 where he lives and works as a photographer, videographer, and cinematographer. He studied Photography at the Dimitreli School, from which he graduated with honors. He worked as a Photographer for the Athenian news agency and was the Director of Photography in 3 short films "Angelos" and "To Koutso" directed by Marianna Kontouli and "The minor of a persecution" directed by Polyxeni Margariti.

He participated as Director of Photography in 23 documentaries, including "Niki Kanagini Lace Memory" and "In the Secrets of the Delta" directed by Despina Pantazi which were screened at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

He is a founding member of the Center for Creative Photography. He is the instructor of photography and video workshops and a member of the oral history group of the Alexandroupolis Historical Museum.


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