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Camino Frances day 21.

 DAY 21  | 25 km | From Terradillos de los Templarios to Bercianos

The word galaxy came from the greek word milk (gala), the breast milk of the godess Hera that sprayed into the firmament. The legend described the god Zeus bringing an infant Hercules to his sleeping wife Hera's breast so the baby could nurse secretly. Hera, while nursing Hercules, learned that he was the illegitimate son of Zeus and threw him violently into the sky. The drops of the godly milk spilled from Hera's breast into the sky have created Milky Way, our Galaxy.

Every day we start walking at dawn and when the sky is clear we see Milky Way leading us to Compostela.

Compostela in Latin means a field of stars,which became from the too bright light of a star that pointed to the tomb of Saint James and from Milky Way leading to Santiago de Compostela.

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