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Camino Frances day 19.

 DAY 19  | 27 km  | From the Boadila del Camino to the Carrion de Los Condes

When the first pilgrims began walking the path of St. James, they used to spend the night outdoors or in monasteries that happened to be on their way.

Over time, there have been created the albergues, which are large buildings with shared bedrooms having lots of beds where the pilgrims sleep together. They usually include a kitchen in which someone can cook.

Each albergue is different and each one of them has its own energy. The ones we like the most are those housed in old temples or those where people, who have gone through the Camino are responsible of and they usually offer more than one bed to sleep. In the latter, hospitality and food are for free and one only offers money voluntarily.

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