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The idea was to search how the young people of Alexandroupolis remember and specifically what they remember.

In essence, the program *“Tinos Eisai?" refers to the history of the memory of the descendants of the appeals that created Alexandroupolis. It refers to how through the daily stories, hearings, and memories of their ancestors the young people of the city, form their historical and cultural identity.

In this action, we recorded testimonies that were videotaped, edited, and framed by music that was written for each ethnocultural group separately. We also photographed people, landscapes of the urban and rural fabric of Alexandroupolis and collected archival material (family photos, documents, and objects).

The above will be exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Alexandroupolis from August 13 to September 30.

During the exhibition, there will be educational programs that will address concepts such as refugee trauma, collective and individual identity, and the importance of preserving memory, material, and intangible cultural heritage. We believe that any knowledge produced should be shared and that is why we chose that the entire research material after the end of the program will be archived and deposited in the Oral Testimony Archive of the Laboratory of Folklore and Social Anthropology of the Department of History and Ethnology of DUTH in Komotini for being accessible to researchers.

Participating in the action of the Ministry of Culture & Sports "All of Greece one Culture", the Art Traces team invites you to the opening of the exhibition that will take place on Friday, August 13 at 20.00.

The opening hours of the exhibition for the rest of the period until its end will be: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 09.00 - 13.00 (Tuesday closed) & Friday, Saturday, Sunday 09.00 - 13.00 & 19.00-21.00. Admission is free for the public.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the current provisions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, places for the launch of the action will be limited. The reservation of seats is mandatory and to secure them anyone interested can visit: digitalculture.gov.gr

The entrance to the periodical exhibition of the museum will be strictly in groups of ten (10) people.

The mask is mandatory throughout the opening event and inside the Archaeological Museum.


*“Tinos Eisai”? is a Greek expression that translates as “whose are you”? meaning “who are your parents/ where do you come from”?


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